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Nootropics: A Full Summary On Brain Boosting Supplements

Nootropics or smart drugs are compounds or supplements that enhance cognitive performance.

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Nootropics or smart drugs are compounds that are shown to increase mental performance, boost brain activity, and support cognitive function.


They've been shown to increase mental functions such as creativity, memory, mood, motivation, energy, focus, and attention.


Natural Nootropics such as Ginkgo biloba have been widely used for centuries, and studies suggest the compounds have beneficial effects on neural pathways. Other Nootropics like Ashwagandha have also been noted to have a meditative effect, and L-Tyrosine which is a naturally occuring amino acid that helps with the production of epinephrine, norepinephrine, and dopamine.


The “nootropic” has been gaining popularity as a smart drug or brain booster due to it's notoriety for the enhancement of mental performance. By definition, nootropic is a compound that increases mental functions including memory, motivation, concentration, and attention.


There are two different nootropics: Lab created compounds such as adderall, and natural and herbal nootropics, such as widely available over the counter supplements like Unlimitter.


How Nootropics Work


Natural nootropics work by boosting brain function by acting as a vasodilator against the small arteries and veins in the brain [source]. Introduction of natural nootropics in the system can increase blood circulation to the brain which can increase energy and oxygen flow to the brain [source]. Despite only being 3% of the human bodies total weight, the brain receives around 15% of the body's total blood supply and oxygen. In fact, the brain generates energy from burning the glucose [source], proving that neuron depends on the continuous supply of oxygen and nutrients.


Effects of natural nootropics in improving brain function have also contributed through the stimulation of neurons. As a result, brain activity is increased, enhancing the thinking and memory abilities, thus increasing neuroplasticity [source].


Popular Natural Nootropics And What They Do


Bacopa monnieri or Brahmi is found through the Indian subcontinent. This herb is traditionally used for nervous system disorders, including insomnia, anxiety, and epilepsy.


According to medical practitioners, Bacopa monnieri is a compound that stimulates and enhances the memory and intellect. These properties were studied preclinically and clinically [source].


Ginkgo biloba or maidenhair tree is is called a “living fossil” since it is the only existing member of it's family of plants after millions years. The plant is known for its medicinal use as well as being a source of food. 


Ginkgo biloba contains powerful antioxidants known to combat accelerated aging and disease development It's also been shown to fight inflamation, improve circulation, reduce symptoms of dementia, and improve brain function and well being. [source].


Are Nootropics For You?


Whether you're a college student trying to pass your exams, an aspiring entrepreneur, business professional, or a regular everyday person looking to get a competitive edge in life, Nootropics might sound like a good idea.


The idea of taking a pill that boosts your brainpower and grants you mental acuity seems pretty appealing. Having a superhuman advantage is hard to turn down, but what's the catch?


In the 2011 Film 'Limitless' Eddie Mora (played by Bradley Cooper) is a struggling author in New York City. He stumbles on a Nootropic which gives him perfect recall and the ability to analyze information at incredible speed.


He uses his newfound motivation and abilities to quickly become a millionaire before realizing that the Nootropic had some dark side effects which almost cost him his life. This brings up the question are nootropics safe? 


While synthetic nootropics like Adderall need FDA approval and a prescription, natural nootropics like Unlimitter are formulated from only all natural ingredients. 


Many ingredients found in Unlimitter's natural nootropic blend are sourced through premium suppliers who put them through rigorous quality testing before they're allowed for use in it's blend.


If you're looking to try Nootropics for the first time, Unlimitter  may be a good option for you.

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